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one piece aWW YEA

hi i'm liz and this is my side blog dedicated to one piece woop

in terms of fanart, i only reblog and post works that link back to the original artist!

also, all the art is tagged for
~*~*~your convenience.
check out the tags link on the side there to go to a list of fanart by character

!! please be aware that this blog may include spoilers of the most recent anime episodes and manga chapters!

alright so yeah enjoy the op stuff


*whispers* Three Shades of Green

lmfao gdi is that really it oh my god it is oh my GOD

- god. -


did you think that i died?

One Piece Spinoff Manga Series to Start in December


I got so excited I went full circle and hit some kind of Zen. I can’t move my legs.

- ;_; -


The Ghost Princess & The Stupid Swordsman

as requested by my cute Konpakuhime

/)> u <)/) ~****


If they can’t have a happy ending at least give them a happy interim

Help Unda get out of debt


I never thought I’d have to ask for money for anything, but this year has thrown me a hell of a lot of curve balls. My work are demanding a lot of money from me and despite selling everything I can I just don’t have the money to pay them. I’m not asking for money for free, but in exchange for any money that you can give me I’ll write you anything that you want. 

You can see more detail on the funding page but basically the deal is this:

<£5 is a 500-5,000 word mini fic or original work

£5-10 will get you a 10,000 word fic or original work

£10-15 is a 15,000 word fic or original work

>£15 will get you a chapter update of ANY fanfic of mine that is currently unfinished

If you donate send me your email address or tumblr username as well as your prompt and I’ll get writing! Thank you so much for any support you can give. If you can’t give money I would absolutely appreciate a signal boost if you think any of your followers might be able to/want to help

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Okay, you know what, I’m gonna tackle this topic after all, because I just do not believe that Zoro was “going easy” on Monet because she’s a woman, nor do I believe that, if Monet had been male, Zoro would have used Haki when he did attack.

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- hella -

"In a certain place, they called the D clan as God’s natural enemy” (op 764)